Sunday, December 9, 2012

December 10th - 9:28pm

<p>Fun morning here at the farm. As I mentioned the other day, Rancho Pampa is hosting an auction of horses in training in March. As a result, the next four months are going to be packed full of young horses and auction maddness. It would be a bit of an understatement to say Im somewhat excited! Going to be crazy but Im thrilled to be able to be apart of the expierence. Today was one of the first days of video mania. Made a short walk/trot/canter video of a bunch of the horses in the auction. I got to ride Nacar, Justinian and Uxmal for the camera. Im pretty sure none of my footage will make it anywhere except Martins hard drive but it was still fun. And all three were very well behaved. Got both flying changes out of each horse as well which made me really happy. Ive had a mental block with lead changes for years now Im hoping the time spent here just riding, riding, riding will improve that. I think it has some and with just over four months left, still have time to get even better.
After those three I longed Casia and Ojiva for a bit before Martin got on. Once he'd schooled them and done the work for the day he let me get on and hack them around a little bit. I had never been on either before so it was very cool to be able to climb up and go for a bit on these horses Ive been around so much. Both were very fun to ride. Picaro was next on the list and I managed to get him out before the rain hit. Like everyone else today he was very well behaved. A little lazy which is suprising for a Monday morning but Ill take it!
Spent the afternoon inside helping Oscar out since he was the only guy here today. Grooming horses, giving water, cleaning tack and the usual working student stuff. It actually got a little cool with the rain as well which is beyond a blessing. Im from a hot area and I still dont like the heat here! I liked going from winter to winter. Now its going to be summer to summer! Keeping my fingers crossed the summer sun will dry us out pretty quick tomorrow so we can get back to riding. Not holding my breath though as we got a TON of rain. Ive never seen so much rain in my life as I have in this country. Craziness!

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