Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 5th - 8:47pm

The power went out last night and it did something to mess up the phone/internet service. Not entirely sure what but either way, there's no internet. Sure my mom thinks Im dead since I haven't replied to texts (or facebook messages or emails that Im sure followed those texts). But still alive. And doing quite well.
Today was a really good day as well. All the horses I rode were good and we did three lessons through the grid working on position and being a good, effective passenger. I rode Skyline, Pastrocito and Jour. All three were great and Im really starting to get the feel of staying tights over my leg in the air and over the middle of the horse but right there to support left, right, forward or back if necessary. No tipping back or forward and staying with whatever happens. Plus working on my bad habits that negatively effect my position. I really like to ride with my elbows out a touch, my left hand turned over, my right heel slightly up and too little connection to the saddle through my thighs. Doing one or two things at a time Im great at. All at one aboard a green horse I haven't ridden much or jumped before? A touch more difficult. But every time through the grid got better and with every horse I could feel my body naturally moving where it was suppose to go.
In between the early lesson on Skyline and the lesson before lunch with Pastrocito Mono came again. And his nickname is Mono like monkey. Not Mona. Which makes way more sense. Still think he's a little crazy though. Good rider but a touch crazy. He liked my hat though. Its a pretty brightly colored winter hat with a great big pompom on the top (which all the guys threatened to cut off). But it is slightly ridiculous. Mono thought is was from Bolivia. Which its not but maybe I need to go to Bolivia if they have more hats like that. Its a great hat.
Anyway Paz and I are off to bed somewhat early. She's having to leave early due to school so tomorrow is her last day here. Which is really sad because I like Paz a lot. The fact that she is fluent in spanish and pretty good a english is really nice too. We were suppose to go out with Rodrigo and Walter (Goyo's replacement) this Saturday which was going to be very exciting but probably not anymore. Kind of tough to go places with friends who speak a different language than you! But anyway Ive loved having Paz here for the week she's been able to stay. Can't wait for the next working student to get here even if she only speaks German and English. She cooks as well (!!) but as Im figuring out more I think Im going to do a lot better food wise after Paz leaves than before she got here! She's given me a bunch of pointers and ideas.
Suppose to be another good day tomorrow weather wise (even if the mornings are COLD) so excited for another day at Rancho Pampa! 

And just realized I switched back to labeling everything as May. And it is most definitely June still. Oops.

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