Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 26th - 10:05pm

If there is one thing I hate more than anything, its being sick. And not sick enough to have a legit reason to just go back to bed. Just sick enough to make the day miserable. And that was exactly my day. Been treating the young horses for a bug that they're passing around. A cough, runny nose and general icky-ness. I looked at them all today and knew exactly what they all felt like. And treating all 8 of them is certainly a task. 8 pills each, twice a day, ground up, made into a paste and syringed into their mouths. Thankfully they have all been very nice to me so far despite being so young. Praying their generosity continues as they keep getting medicated or it could really become a chore.
Rode Buck, Lion, Pastrocito, Jour and Nixon today. Plus warmed up Luli, Benito and Puccini for Martin to ride with Mono. All were pretty good though and Martin was happy with at least one thing on each horse which might just be a record for me. He's a very precise/exacting teacher and doesn't give compliments easily. In the afternoon we worked on matching up the newly branded foals with pictures we took at Pringles to figure out what foal went with what mare. Got to have everything right for their registration! Took a bit as all are bay and most are colts. Had to go by face/leg markings which could be difficult as some where fairly similar. Got it done though.
We're headed to Equus again tomorrow for another schooling show thing which should be fun. Im taking Lion again but not Herodes because someone is trying him. Im going to be totally out of it though because we have to be in the barn at 5:00 and Im totally wired right now at 10:00. Made the mistake of deciding I wanted something hot to drink with dinner and forwhatever reason coffee struck me as a fantastic choice. And it definitely wasn't. I think Im going to be having a lot more coffee in the morning to get up! Oh the things you learn living alone.
Anyway we lost power again last night for a few hours so the internet went out again. Not a clue when it will be back. Definitely learning to amuse myself in other ways than surfing facebook, pintrest, COTH or talking to friends/family. Though I do miss talking to my family when the internet is out. Been at Rancho Pampa almost two months now which would be the longest Ive ever been away from home/my family. The people here have become like a second family and the guys can certainly drive me crazy like my brother can but I miss my family sometimes. Thank goodness for books and my ipod (thank you FCF!!!) or Id probably be going to bed at 6:30 for lack of other things to do after work! 

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