Sunday, June 3, 2012

May 3rd - 5:58pm

First month at Rancho Pampa drawing to a close and what an incredible month it has been. Have learned a ton about horses and riding. And have learned even more about Argentina and its culture. So very different from home but so interesting. The language, the food, the people, the lifestyle. Definitely feel like Im settling into a routine here with a more definite idea of whats going on.
Its been a relaxing day with sleeping in till late, reading and eating a late lunch with Rachel, Martin and Paz. Martin cooked pork and beef over coals on a grill type thing (it has a name but I cant remember it!) along with salad and bread. A very typical way of spending time eating with friends in Argentina. Definitely a little different from me. I can certainly see the appeal. The only thing missing was mate. Like everything here the food is shared with everyone taking what they'd like and just enjoying the company.
We're all back to work tomorrow though with another full week of riding and work. Can't wait!

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