Friday, June 22, 2012

June 22nd - 10:01pm

Picked up my tablet to write a nlog post for today and suddenly 50+ messages from Facebook and WhatsApp came through! Our internet/phone connection has magically been restored! Kinda weird that it just randomly happened but hey Im not complaining!
Today started at 6:00 with my first ride on Buck before daylight. Watched the sunrise off of her and had a really good ride. Im figuring her out more and more each day. She's coming back from an injury and on a limited work out schedule which means she's never tired and always a little fresh. Despute the name she has zero buck and as Martin pointed out, a horse with no buck has a spook. And she has one of those. Keep her mentally occupied and she'll be one of the nicest you sit on all day. Rode Justinian after before throwing Benito, Puccini, Virtroso and Cylene in the trailer to take to the show. Virtroso and Cylene were just there to get out but Benito and Puccini had their Series 2 class. Benito did really well but had one cheap rail. Puccini was fabulous in the warm up then slightly less than stellar in the ring. Eight faults for him.
Packed up and headed home to school Herodes and Lion over fences with Martin. Clients are coming tomorrow to look at the both of them and Martin is having me show them. Can you say nerve wrecking? I know I can do a good job on both of them so will be doubley frustrated if I dont do so well showing them off. Best I can do though is ride like Ive been trained and hope for the best! And the last two years Ive had some of the best training available (thank God for good trainers who want working students!) so should do ok at least. Very excited to have Martin think Im good enough to show horses though! Jumped Lion up to 3'9" as well which was very fun. Jumping and riding all of these horses are helping me feel strides in a way I never have before. Specifically the length of the strides. Like Herodes' average canter step is a solid 12' step. Lion needs a little more jump to his step to get those 12'  despite being significantly larger. And Jour needs to lengthen, run and pray to make the step. Which is something Im hoping to work on with him. But getting on all these horses and feeling the natural length of stride will help so much as I start to get better at it. Wont need to jump that first line and then realize my horse doesnt have enough step. Ill be able to feel it right off. Love little riding break throughs/realizations like that!
Helped the guys wrap up in the barn and then climbed up on Jour. Had a really good ride on him again and felt improvements from even my last ride on him. He's a super fun, smart horse (despite Rodrigo's opinion of him!) Finished up my day watching the sunset off of him as well. Definitely a good day when you can watch the sun rise and set off of two of your favorite horses! 

Photos from the show today. And the flag day celebration. And the La Puerta horse's cooler. Puerta is door in spanish and it makes me laugh whenever I see these horses. Some have coolers that say La Cuadra which is another word for barn. The cracks me up as well.

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