Friday, June 22, 2012

June 19th - 7:31pm

So very close to having power for a whole day! It just died and I have a feeling it will stay out for awhile. Between the internet/phone disconnect, the lack of power on a fairly regular basis and the broken water pump Im certainly learning to appreciate little things that work without thought. And the pump being broken just means you have to plug it in each time you need water and unplug it right after. Cant just leave it plugged in throughout the day. Not a huge deal but certainly a pain. Not that it really matters at this moment with no power but still. And Im just waiting for the day the power goes out when Im in the shower. It happened to Pez before she left and just praying it doesn't happen to me!
Anyway rode Buck, Luli, Lion, Jour, Herodes, Pastrocito, Justinian and Twilight. They were all really good and I uncovered even more things I need to work on! We're going to a schooling show tomorrow and taking some of the non series horses. Martin will be riding Skyline, Navratilova, Luli and Nixon. And I am taking Lion and Herodes. Two of my favorites here and two I know pretty well. Its all of our first shows in awhile so it could be interesting but should be a ton of fun. I haven't shown a jumper in probably close to a year. Definitely miss it.
On a totally different note, though, Hernan left today. Which is actually really sad for me. He was the first of the guys to really try to talk and make friends with me. Im sure Ill see him around at some point but it will be sad to not see him almost everyday. And Ill have no one to sing with! Hernan always thought it was hilarious that I knew the words to American songs. Id walk down the barn aisle infront of the wash racks and he'd turn up the radio really quick and see if I could sing along with whatever song it was. Not that I sing well but he thought it was fantastic I knew the words. Now I have Walter to sing with. But Walter sings and dances to the songs in his own head more than the songs on the radio which makes things a little tougher! Hes a nice guy though. Hernan was as well. Gonna miss him.
Anyway with the horse show tomorrow and no power here anyway I'm headed to super early. Nineteen years old and regurally going to bed at 8:00 or 9:00pm? Craziness. But wouldn't trade my crazy life and schedule for the world! Fingers crossed for good horses and clean rounds tomorrow! 

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