Wednesday, June 6, 2012

June 4th - 8:23pm

Rode Justinian, Lion, Luli, Jour and Herodes today. Feels like I rode more though. Probably just feels like a lot because I spent longer on each horse. Really trying to put together the hundred things you have to pay attention to on a baby into one train of thought. Remembering the things Im suppose to be working on while keeping a constant focus on the big and little picture with each horse is tough. At least for me. Takes thinking back to how the last ride(s)/lessons were while riding what you're on at the moment to decide if improvement is being made for the future. Martins trying really hard to help me get "it" but Im still struggling at times. With one horse at home I had it down pretty successfully. With the however many Ive sat on since getting here I tend to loose track and have rides where I get off and am like "....what even was that?" which isn't good. But all the thinking, riding, training and discussing is good because Im learning a ton. Not just how to ride but how to think and train. And I can feel the difference in my horses when I get it right. They relax and soften on the bit because they're working from behind not because Ive drug their heads down and put them there. I love the ones like Lion, Luli and Jour because they're just tense enough naturally that when you get them to relax its obvious. And a great feeling. Had an afternoon lesson (though really every ride ends up having instruction in it) on Herodes after we went to watch some young horses free jump at Windcrest. A couple of cute ones but no stunners in the group we saw. Still fun to get out and see the different barns and people in Argentina. We drove past some big polo farms as well which was very cool. Another day in the saddle tomorrow and who knows what else going on!

And we just lost power which means no internet so likely not posting this till tomorrow AM. Fun stuff. And when there is no power it is freaking BLACK in this loft.

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