Friday, June 22, 2012

June 16th - 11:05pm

Usual schedule for the day: Up at 6:30. Start chores at 7:30. Get on first horse at 8:00-8:30. Ride for 30 minutes or so.Bring horse back to barn and give to guys. Get next horse. Ride. Back to barn. Next horse. Repeat until 2:00. Break for lunch. Treatments. Finish riding the rest. Help with barn chores. Close up shop at 6:00. Eat dinner and shower before falling into bed. Busy, busy days.
Today's a bit different with the derby this afternoon but still spent till 1:00 riding. Was on Buck, Luli, Jour, Herodes, Lion and Pastrocito. Everyone was super, super good. Like amazingly so. Luli, Buck and Lion especially ended up soft, light and stretching forward. Good way to finish the week. Hopefully taking a few of the non-series horses to a local show next week so fingers crossed everyone starts next week like they finished this one.
Went into town and watched the jumping derby in the afternoon. It was super fun. A bunch of lovely horses with fantastic riders over a challenging course. Alexis, the rider that won the FEI Grand Prix, went in first and laid down a gorgeous, fast, fault free round. Only clear round of the class. He also took 4th on his other mount with one pole down. Im in love with his riding. Just gorgeous. One of these days I want to ride as good as him. Or even half as good. Also want to do a derby like this. They're doing classes all day tomorrow from .85 meters up over the same course and I so wish I could do it. Obviously not the same but that course looked so fun. Might have to steal Herodes and ride down to the Aleman tomorrow! And no someone riding down the side of the highway on a Sunday morning would not be the least unusual. But I do want to ride in a real jumper derby sometime. After we killed some time in Capitol then went back to the Aleman for another auction. Honestly I dont remember much of the horses besides one who had some interesting markings. Bay with 2 high socks in the back, a stocking upfront and then a stocking type marking that went hoof to elbow. One solid white leg. Really cool. Should have paid more attention to the horses but it was cold and once youve seen free jumping for the 100th time its considerably less exciting to watch. The food at this auction was more normal though. Little sandwhiches, empanadas and whatnot. No where near as strange as the Tatabra auction!
Crazy long day to cap off a long week but tomorrow's my day off! Get to sleep in!!  

Will post pictures of the derby tomorrow!

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