Monday, June 11, 2012

June 10th - 10:39pm

NNot sure what made me think the day would be over when we got home. Cause it wasn't. The three mares and 7 foals from yesterday were loose in the free jump arena and had to be moved to stalls. Then the 6 babies and the one mare in the trailer from today. Moving the ones from yesterday was decently easy. The foals followed their moms and then it was just a matter of getting 1-2 other foals to follow the mare as well to a stall. Lead the mare in, wait for the babies in the back corner with the mare and try not to get squished getting out of the stall. Then the trailer arrived with todays horses. Next job: getting 6 feral babies and one basically feral mare out of a stock trailer. Then into stalls. Holy bejezus. That job was made all the more difficult by the fact the foals only traveled with one mare. So grabbed poor S (babyless black mare) out of a stall and used her to bait them off the trailer bit by bit. Along with plenty of baby butt prodding through the trailer windows. Then just the simple matter of herding them to the barn and down the aisle into boxes. Somehow we got it done without any injury to foal or people and without having any foals running loose around Rancho Pampa. Martin said I can now put foal breaker onto a resume but I think thus far the only thing Ive mastered is Foal Containment 101. This week will mark the start of Feral Foal Halter 101 which will hopefully conclude with Foal Leading and Halter 202 toward the end of June. And all that in addition to the usual riding, treatments and training. Ive never done quite this varied of work with horses before but I love it. Long days that make you feel like you got something finished. Plus its with horses and you can never go wrong with horse work. Its always fun work.
Martin fried empanadas for dinner which were amazing and we (mostly me) finished off the cake Rachel made. Good end to a good weekend!  

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