Saturday, June 2, 2012

June 2nd 2:50

Light day this morning with most of the ones from the show yesterday off. The schooling show went well with Benito moving up to the 1.15m classes and everyone else putting on good rounds. So we rode the rest here at home with lessons on Paz and Rodrigo having a lesson on Justinian and Jour followed my the three of us doing a lesson on Pastrocito, Herodes and Georgia. Herodes was good but my riding was pretty subpar. Dunno what it is with me the last two days but Ive definitely not put out some of my more brilliant efforts over fences. Just have to keep working on it on every horse. Right now the big thing is managing a sharp turn and staying directly in the middle of my horse. Not too forward or too far back. And be ready to woah/support/push/whatever is necessary but don't do anything until it is needed. Tough for me at least. Then finding that perfect balance over fences when the distance I find is deep or long. I can easily get where I need to be when we get a good distance. Bad and I tend to get too far forward. Which I then try to correct and end up too far back. Its the hips that go back not the shoulders (and Im sure Martin would like to beat his head against a wall he's demonstrated that so many times). But I did get to ride Luli and jump her over a cavaletti some which was really fun. She's a super fun very sensitive mare who can turn on a dime and probably clear anything. Martin rides her mostly but every so often I get to get on. Guess Im not doing quite as bad as I feel like if Im still allowed on the sensitive green ones. Worked on basically the same thing with her. Getting down the system/idea of jump, balance straight, lead change then turn in balance. Not let it all jumble together and hope for the best. Tough for me when you've got a limited number of strides before the fence to get it all done. And Rodrigo proved not doing it correctly doesn't work. He got dumped off Georgia at the fence to all of the guys amusement. Apparently he owes breakfast pastries?
We're not going to get the foals at Pringley's this weekend afterall since it rained last night and will again tomorrow. The two mile dirt road there is apparently impossible to get down with a trainer if its muddy. So thinking we'll end up going next week or the week after. It sounds like an adventure whenever it happens! So Paz and I are spending the afternoon watching Martin longe the new babies for the first or second time. They're pretty cute as they try to figure out what theyre doing. Just helping out in the barn after! Then tomorrow is our day off! We've already decided we're sleeping in as late as possible. Exciting plans I know!

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