Friday, June 22, 2012

June 17th - 9:08pm

No internet at the farm again due to a power outage two nights ago. Like everything in Argentina it will be fixed when someone gets around to it. Maybe. Or if it magically starts working again. Nothing gets done very quickly in this country and you just kind of have to learn to deal.
Anyway, today was fathers day here (I think in the US as well...?). Martin and Rachel had an esado (definitely spelled wrong) here at the farm with Martin's family to celebrate. It was a bunch of fun with his dad and brothers. Cooked over the big grill again and spent all afternoon just hanging out and eating. The food was really good as always when Martin cooks and Rachel made brownies for dessert. Def need to find out how she does them because they are perfection. Im honestly suprised Im not sick from dessert overload. Some of the food in this country kind of freaks me out but Im a fan of desserts pretty much anywhere. Blood sausage and large parts of hogs cooking over coals has never been and will never be my first choice of food but amazing brownies and chocolate cake are always good. (And yes mother I did eat something called blood sausage and do continue to get made fun of for my attitude of trying absolutely anything. I know you're still shocked). During dessert and coffee time we all got together and played BlackJack and Texas Hold 'Em. Lots of fun and joking around. Took me awhile to catch on to poker as I'd never played before and explinations were coming from a variety of people in both in English and Spanish. Definitely did significantly better playing BlackJack! 
Back to work tomorrow with another busy week ahead. I think were doing a local schooling show during the week with some of the non-series horses. Plus working with the foals. And now Im studing some spanish riding books. Just a basic "this is a horse/this is a saddle/ect" but it is 100% in spanish. Hoping doing a little bit of reading, translating and studying every night will improve my speaking skills. Plus its fun to learn all the basic stuff I know backwards and forwards in English in a different language. Already know things like saddle, bridle, mare, stallion and whatnot but this book has parts and descriptions. Hoping to be able to read at least part if it before I leave! Want to learn the language so bad!! Halfway through with my stay here and have learned a ton but not near as much as I'd like to still!

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