Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 6th - 10:15pm

On the way home from Martin's moms house now. Once again dinner was fantastic. With Paz leaving today the cooking at Rancho Pampa is about to go back to very remedial so it was super nice to eat a really amazing dinner (and dessert of chocolate ice cream!).
The weather was pretty miserable today with temps at 4 degrees C most of the day. Suppose to get down to -1 tonight and be even colder tomorrow. I can do flat out cold pretty well but today was very windy and rainy as well. Still rode though. I was on Buck in the morning and afternoon, Jour, Skyline, Cylene, Mauro and Luli. Just did flatwork since everyone jumped yesterday. Herodes and Pastrocito just got the day off as riding was miserable. The young horses got a surcingle put on for the first time which was certainly exciting to watch from a distance. Depending on the horse they either trotted a few steps then started bronc bucking or went off right away. They all settled into it pretty quickly though.
Paz left at noon and once work was finished for the day I ended up moving apartments. The loft is getting a bathroom added to it so I have to move into Goyos old appartment during construction. The new appartment is four rooms. Two upstairs bedrooms and a kitchen and living area downstairs. The exciting thing about this house though is the rooms are smaller so it will be MUCH easier to keep warm (the loft is pretty much constantly cold) and it has its own bathroom!! Ill move back into the loft once the bathroom is finished but they might be prying me and my little heater out of the new apartment during July. Gonna be cold. Im a big fan of cold/winter (which is good because Im basically doing a whole year of winter with this trip) but I still dont like freezingfreezing.
Anyway were on the way home now. Still not internet despite Rachel's calls to the company. Hopefully it'll be back soon. The few minutes of internet at Martins mom was just long enough to let my mom know Im not dead (only 6 "are you dead?" messages) and post the last couple days of posts. I like my daily facebook and texting fix though!  

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