Wednesday, June 27, 2012

June 27th - 8:37pm

Still sick. Though today was definitely more miserable than yesterday. In the barn at 5:00 to get the 6 horses ready for the show at Equus. Got there before daylight again and our first horse, Navratilova, jumped around right as the sun was coming up. Rodrigo rode Georgia and I rode Lion right after so we could take his truck back to Rancho Pampa to finish riding. I think Georgia was good for him and Lion was really good for me. This time went significantly better than last week despite a tougher, twistier course. I rode better and Lion went better as a result. Now if only I could actually remember my course! Ive never been one for remembering jumper courses. Always have to walk and walk them. Then study the posted course. Then watch some rounds. Then franticly try to find someone to tell it to just prior to going in. Just in case. You don't get that much babying here. Learn the course, watch a rider or two then go get it done. I thought I had it despite missing watching Georgia and Cylene do it (with Martin) but apparently not. Came off jump 10 and thought it was jump 9. Which wasn't good because I knew 11 was the last fence with the water. So instead of just doing a nice right roleback from 10 to 11 I did a lovely left roleback looking for 10. Yep, Im a genius. Got a lecture for that one since it is such a stupid, fixable mess up. Won't be doing that again.
Came back to the barn to ride everyone left at home after Rodrigo and I finished at Equus. Most of the horses were good though honestly I don't even remember the specifics of any of the rides. That's how I felt today. Just one horse to the next and don't think about how you feel. The afternoon was spent wrapping things up and getting the last couple ridden. Another show tomorrow at the Hipico with the Series 2 horses plus some extras. Praying I feel better so I at least have a chance of having fun! Have to be up at 4:00 again tomorrow and feel vaguely like death right now so off to bed early!  

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