Friday, June 22, 2012

June 21st - 8:05pm

Today was one of those days where from start to finish I felt at least 10 steps behind and totally scattered. Woke up not feeling so great and it wasn't till late afternoon that I started feeling better/more on top of things. Not sure what the deal was but hoping its a one time thing. Still got Jour, Pastrocito, Buck and Justinian ridden. Plus Nixon longed. Jour was really, really good. We had a hard dressage school with Martin the other day and it really helped both of us. Im riding better on the flat then ever before and he's going better for me than he did before. The horses from yesterday had the day off so it was a decently light day with riding. Martin pulled out three right before lunch to show an eventing client but it went pretty quick. I think its just the American clients who drag the process of looking at a horse on for hours. After lunch, we worked with a different set of foals then finished with my ride on Jour and helping the guys wrap up with the barn.
Headed to the Buenos Aires Club tomorrow to show with Benito and Puccini in the Series 2 class so got to be in the barn at 6:00. If all goes well with them they'll go back on Sunday to do the 1.20 class. Fingers crossed for good rounds!  

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