Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 12th - 6:36pm

Blog post for the day: Estoy cansada. Thats it. All I have to say.

Was on Buck, Geologo, Herodes, Luli, Lion, Cylene, Mauro, Justinian, Virtroso, Benito and Jour today. And I feel like Im missing one from the list but maybe not. Flat out ran out of time for Pastrocito. Jump lessoned on Lion, Herodes and Jour. It was just a nonstop day. But I can tell that all the work, riding, training and critique is paying off. I can feel my position getting stronger and have a better feel of each horse I get on. Going to a fence I can tell whether the distance is going to be good, bad or ugly on just about any horse I get on. Now it is just a matter of learning to find the correct pace for each horse and be able to see the distance far enough out to make a correction. But Im seeing it. Which is something I had struggled with when I started riding different horses. Baby steps. Getting better with using my two point to adjust the horse instead of just being something I do over fences as well. In our lesson there were four 3' verticals in a row with one stride inbetween each and a difficult turn off the rail to the first. You had to feel if you needed more leg over the second or needed to encourage them to slow in the air over the 3rd. Was decent with Lion and a little better with Jour despite him being a slightly tougher ride. By Herodes I had it though. It finally clicked. Definitely a great feeling.
Headed to bed early again tonight since it'll be another long day tomorrow!

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