Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 7th - 7:30pm

I love my job. It was a positively lovely -1.5 degrees C this morning and I still love my job. Just have to say that. Rode Buck, Lion, Herodes, Luli, Pastrocito, Cylene, Justinian, Jour and Buck again in the afternoon. Buck is in the last stages of recovering from a soft tissue injury so her workouts of getting split. 10-15 min in the morning and 10-15 min after lunch. Hoping to get her back to jumping x-rails next week or so! Anyway, I got to jump Jour and Luli over a couple of small fences (2'6"ish) and they were both fantastic. I really like Jour a lot and on Luli I realized just how much my riding has improved since arriving. When I got here cantering Luli was a struggle. She's a different ride than any Ive even been on before (very quick both mentally and physically with a big step and huge jump). Getting the position, aids, timing and feel all correct to get Luli and I over each fence is tough but rewarding. She's a super sweet mare to work around as well with very cool markings. Will have to get a picture sometime.
Anyway tomorrow we're taking all the Series 1 and 2 horses plus Skyline and Twilight to the Aleman to show. Getting up at 4 to be in the barn by 5 to hopefully leave with the first load by 6. Have I ever mentioned Im not a morning person? At all. And I think it will be in the negatives again tomorrow. Probably. No scratch that. Definitely a good thing I love my job. 

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