Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15th - 10:06pm

Cold, damp horse show day. The horses were all pretty good though especially since most of them went into the big main ring without having seen it before to jump around. And as always with the young horse series, the fences were higher than last time. Justinian put on his game face and started the show day with a lovely clear round (or maybe one time fault?), Mauro put out an especially lovely course and Benito finished our day with another clear round. Then back home to ride a few more, do the treatments and get the last set of halters on the foals. Or potrillos. Which I just learned how to spell thanks to google. One of the many spanish words I now use in a daily basis without having any idea how to spell them/what they look like. The word for 'there' would another one. Just sounds like asha. So its probably alla. No guarentees though. My spanish is getting good enough that I can now have a decent conversation with Rodrigo and can follow horse related conversations pretty decently. The show steward today proved that I still have a lot to learn though. Poor guy followed me around while I was on Benito trying to tell me something and I didn't even realize he was yelling for me nor could I understand him once someone pointed him out. I totally tune out the background spanish I don't understand. Thankfully one of Rachel's friends who knows I don't speak spanish was nearby and translated for me real fast. Going to try to set up my TV in the new house to watch American shows with Spanish subtitles. Think it will really help me to match up words in English with written spanish words. Hoping so at least. Not a big TV person but trying to read the newspaper here is more frustration than its worth. Need books a little easier to start with!
Another riding day at the farm tomorrow with the derby at the Aleman in the afternoon! The deby includes 30 fences in the jump course set at 1.40m, ditches, banks and water. And afterward there is an auction. Exciting stuff!!

Photo from after dinner with Martin and Rachel. Not sure who's more tired: Pampa, Martin or Hunter!

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