Saturday, June 9, 2012

June 8th - 11:30pm

Today has been the definition of crazy. Had you asked me yesterday how I thought today would go it would have been "up early, horse show, back home to ride a few more maybe, unpack, dinner, bed". So far the only thing I would have gotten right was up early. Got up bright and early at 3:00am this morning and got everything together for a horse show. Loaded the first six and set out. Then blew a tire thirty or so minutes from home. Which we then didn't have the tools to fix. So Martin and David had Rachel pick them up to go track down parts. Which left me in the truck with Rodrigo and Carlos. For 6 hours. For the most part Carlos slept while I made an attempt at sleeping and/or reading. Rodrigo, however,  made it his mission to fill in for my younger brother and spent the majority of the 6 hours poking me. Eventually Martin, David and Rachel came back with the stuff we needed and got the tire fixed. Rodrigo and I piled into Rachels car with her while that all happened and, of course, Rodrigo passed out right away. Typical. On the way back home Martin asked if I was game to spend another six hours in the car to which I somewhat sarcastically replied "only if I have Rodrigo and Carlos to pass the time with!" Probably not my brightest answer. I wouldn't be traveling anywhere else with the guys but I would likely be spending 6 more hours in the car as we were going to Pringle's! So we went home, unloaded all the horses, ordered pizza and basically got unwound. Rode Buck, Corlit and longed one of the babies. Then tossed an over night bag in the truck and headed out with trailer in tow. Thus far the trip has been pretty uneventful. Saw some 'civil unrest' in the form of people lighting logs and tires on fire in the road but thankfully they hadn't blocked our side of the highway yet. Ate dinner at a gas station which had suprisingly good food and then back on the road. Think were about an hour away from our destination. We'll be staying till Sunday and bringing 13 foals as well as 4 mares to Rancho Pampa split between a couple trips. David is helping with the driving and will be arriving tomorrow. But even with him, its gonna be a crazy weekend. Definitely a different sort of day and its currently going on 20 hours long. Not sure how Martins still upright. Ive gotten to sleep a bit in the various cars and am still tired from just the length of the day! Going to be a fun weekend though!

Pic of Rodrigo in the car. Driving me insane.

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