Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 13th - 9:54pm

Mono was out again today to work with Martin and the horses. And he is without a doubt crazy. Good rider but crazy. So the morning was spent riding Buck, Pastrocito and Twlight then warming up Vitroso, Puchini, Benito and Mauro for Martin. Pretty low key morning all things considering. The horses were all good. Especially Buck who has a tendency to be one of my tougher rides. Im definitely sorting her out and learning how to keep a busy minded horse focused and attentive
Then after lunch it was foal time. Martin and I had to get 6 halters on 6 unhandled 9-10 month foals. Holy bejezus. Id be really good not doing that again. No matter how slow you go or how patient you are they will spontaneously combust and just freak. Some were easy and mostly just stood there. Some were not so easy. 7 more tomorrow and I think at least a few of them have my name on them. Its all about timing and patience which at this point Im starting to get the hang of. Fingers crossed it goes well! 

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