Friday, June 22, 2012

June 18th - 8:39pm

Most of the day here was spent without power which was certainly interesting. As Martin said, "Welcome to a third world country!" Lost power around 10 and it came back on at 5:45 or so only to go back on and off a few more times. Which made an already busy Monday last even longer than usual. And still waiting on the internet to get reconnected!
It was a pretty good day though with the horses. I rode Buck, Luli, Jour, Lion, Herodes, Justinian, Cylene and hopped on Geologo for a vet check. Everyone was pretty decent despite everyone having Sunday off and some having Saturday and Sunday off. With an older trained horse, two days off is no big deal. With our young ones, it can make for some interesting rides. Nothing overly interesting today though since everyone minded their manners.
Martin has started having me work on/in a dressage type full seat position. Obviously most of my riding as a jumper/hunter is in a light forward Caprilli style seat but learning a correct full seat is a useful tool to have. Its definitely very different for me but I can see where I could use it to improve a horse or course. Its also a lot harder to correctly hold a full seat than I would have thought. Got some good work out of the two we really worked with it on and played with it some on the others. Just got to keep practicing to get the feel. Another busy day tomorrow but hopefully one with power! 

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