Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5th - 8:47pm

The rising temperatures are definitely starting to stick around. Got up to the high eighties today and summer here is still over a month and a half off. Going to be a hot December/Janurary for sure. Hopefully soon we'll push the riding to earlier in the morning so we can get finished before the real heat kicks in. At this point, its just mildly uncomfortable but it will definitely get worse. As someone who comes from an area with high heat and humidity, I know the drill. Even if the time of year is reversed.
But besides the heat, the day was pretty good. Started off longing a couple for Rodrigo then moved onto riding. Was on Mauro, Nixon, Nacar and Cor Lit this morning. The first three were just flat schooling while Cor Lit's ride wrapped up with a grid exercise. As always, there is something about jumping that I just love. Just makes me smile.
Spent the afternoon clipping Virtuoso which is always an exciting adventure when it gets warm enough that theyre sweating a bit just standing. But he was good and think it turned out well for the most part. A bit more to finish up tomorrow I think along with all the usual work and riding!

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