Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 12th - 8:45pm

Perfect day for riding today. Warm enough to ride in a polo and a breeze to keep everything cool. So nice. Just hacked them again today. I was on Mauro, Nixon, Nacar, Picaro, Pastrocito and Geologo. Maybe one more. Gets to the point some days when I have no idea who Ive been on without asking the other girls. Just a constant string of putting horses on the walker and taking them off again. Everyone was super good though. Especially Nacar and Mauro. Really enjoy getting on those two.
The afternoon was spent longing some of the young ones who were not ridden this morning as well as moving the jumps around the ring. This included moving the liver pool which was filled with water. I think Alice and I provided some quality entertainment as we tried to empty the water out to drag it somewhere else. End result was the liverpool in a new spot and one of my super nice alpargatas ($30 peso shoes) falling off in the water. But it was retrieved and hopefully will survive the incident. Definitely got laughed at for loosing it though!
All in all a good day. All the horses ridden before lunch, a new course set and all the barn work done by 6:00. Not bad for a Monday. Even if it totally feels like Tuesday! We did make a quick walk to Petrobras to get connected to the internet after work only to find it was closed. Super dissapointing. But it did mean we had time to walk around the corner to buy some things for Christmas gifts back at home. Got some alpargatas for friends and checked out the prices on some other really cool things. Knives, belts and the like. So excited to be going home for Christmas!!

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