Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 27th - 11:20pm

Im going to regret staying up tomorrow morning but Im over being behind on the blog! Plus its super hot upstairs and the chances of me sleeping are about zero at the moment anyway. So finished Saturdays blog, wrote yesterdays and am now onto today's! Awesome stuff.
Started off this morning showing Camilla the ropes. How the horses get tacked up, how to use the walker, who takes boots in the back, who gets wraps and the like. There is a lot to learn but she caught on pretty fast. Im sure she'll have it all memorized pretty soon. First off I was on Geologo and Picaro warming them up for Martin. Then took Cor Lit, Mauro, Puccini and Skyline out to work. While I was riding the guys set up another free jump in the ring and before lunch we sent some of the fillies Rodrigo is working with through the chute. It was their first time doing it so a bit interesting at times but I think theyd catch on if we did it a time or two more. Or at least not jump out quite so often.
After lunch we did a flat lesson with Camilla. She was on Herodes, I had Pastrocito and Megg had Boss. Since weve mostly been using english to speak to Camilla, Martin decided to make us use our spanish by teaching almost the whole lesson in it. For the most part I understood what he was saying even if I struggled to reply back. Had to stiffle a laugh at a few points though when he reverted back to english to get on me about something I wasnt fixing quick enough. Mostly it was position stuff with some work on creating/maintainging a contact. I was decently pleased with myself though. Got to serve as the correct example for sitting the canter. And somehow managed not to struggle with the exercise of making a big circle with my arm from my shoulder. Im sure its cause Ive done the exercise while riding more times than I can count. But as Martin also pointed out, it is a bit like a swim stroke and Ive did a bit of competetive swimming as a kid so I know the feeling. Either way it was fun. The spanish and the lesson. After I hopped back on Mauro to trot him for a bit then was on Jour for the last ride of the day. Like everyone else he was a tad fresh after several days of light work but he worked out of it after a bit.
All in all a busy but fun day. Lots of horses ridden and a good lesson to top it all off. The forcast says its suppose to rain for basically the rest of the week though. Praying its not true for both Megg and I sake. Would so much rather be riding than stuck inside! Though after one more night of staying up entirely too late, I might not mind a quieter afternoon one of the days. But please no rain!!

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