Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 8th - 9:49pm

What a day! Totally busy from start to finish! Rode all morning like usual. Was on Picaro, Uxmal, Nacar and Jour. Plus warmed up Justinian and Nixon for Martin to school with Mono. Had a flat lesson on Uxmal which was challenging but fun. We set a cavaletti down the middle of the ring so that you cut the ring transversally to go across it then made two 30 meter wide imaginary rectangles going off of that. Started out trotting next to the cavaletti then turning right to do one rectangle. Then trotting past it again to do a turn left and do the other rectangle. Then we threw in a walk transition next to the cavaletti. Then back to the trot for the rectangles. Finally we picked up the canter and cantered the cavaletti. Lead change through the walk if necessary but continuing with the rectangles. The goal was to get him to wait for the cavaletti to come to him instead of trying to chase it a bit. After a time or two around, he did just that. Without changing anything about his canter, we did the rectangle then cantered over the cavaletti with zero change of pace. Definitely a challenge for me to keep the rectangles the same size with their straight lines and 90 degree angles plus keeping a big young horse put together. Since we didnt have to do it a hundred times, I assume Martin was happy enough with our work. Hoping he was since, for the most part, I was happy with it.
After the morning riding I got Cor Lit to clip. Usually we switch off on who clips but I cut a deal with Alice that if I could ride one in thr last set (there were only two) that Id clip. So spent the afternoon de-hairing Cor Lit. He was pretty good and doesnt look like a pumpkin thank goodness!
Just as we were wrapping up a client called and said he wanted to check out some hunters we have. So we pulled out Virtuoso's stuff for Martin and called it a day. I immediately got in the shower after we were finished since I was covered in Cor Lit hair. About five minutes in I get Meg yelling in the bathroom that Martin wants us in the ring. Somehow less than five minutes after that, I was in the ring setting jumps. Clients called to say they were almost there so Meg and I bolted back to the barn and got Virtusos ready. Then ended up getting Benito, Montana and Bellini ready to show as well. Finally at 8:00 and in the near dark, we were all wrapped up. Then up to Martins for a quick dinner. Fingers crossed the clients liked some of ours!
Were expecting big thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon so starting the day a little early. Hope we can get everyone finished by the time the storm moves in!

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