Wednesday, November 28, 2012

November 28th - 9:59pm

I got to ride Quantum today! He was such a good boy! Definitely one of my favorite of the young horses to work around. Ghandi and Invasor being the other two. I had Puccini out trotting him around for a bit and after we'd finished I was walking him out. Martin called Rodrigo over and had him switch horses with me. He took Puccini and I got Quantum. I was a bit suprised but wasnt going to worry to much about the what/hows/whys of it all if it meant I got to ride him. He was a rockstar. Walk, trot, canter with two perfect flying changes. Martin even laughed at me I was smiling so big after. He was so much fun though. Such a nicw boy.
After I got on Mauro for my last ride on him for a bit. He leaves for the campo on Friday to spend the rest of the spring/summer there. Benito is leaving as well to go with him. So did my thing on Mauro. Then was on Nixon. We did a little jump school on him which was fun. Definitely not my best riding and not sure why I couldnt get my crap together a ride. But it is what it is to a point. I know when I first got here I couldnt have ridden him let alone schooled 1.10-1.15 with him so going to find my happiness there. After Nixon I had Jour who was just out for a flat hack.
In the afternoon we had another flat lesson. I was on Holandesa this time and we worked over cavaletti at the walk, trot and canter. At the walk and trot we were pretty decent about keeping the working pace and only putting one step between each pole. At the canter I struggled the first two times to find the working canter but once we got it the work was nice and easy. Im enjoying having the afternoon flat lessons with Megg and Camilla. Meggs on her last week riding here so already getting sad that shes heading out. Going to miss her a ton and keeping my fingers crossed she has a great last couple days.
It was pretty windy at a few points today. Thankfully not bad enough to start scaring horses but enough I, at least, had trouble hearing a few times. Keeping my fingers crossed the wind is just wind and wont blow a storm in here like usual. Would definitely be a downer on Meggs times. A girl can wish!

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