Friday, November 2, 2012

November 2nd - 7:26pm

Early morning today. We packed up the trailer and took Nacar, Cor Lit, Boss, Uxmal, Luli and Skyline to school at Equus. I hacked/warmed up Nacar and Luli. Was on Cor Lit for a bit too but it was just walking waiting for Martin to get on. Ended up getting some help on the flat with the two I did ride though. Luli and Nacar both carry their heads a little higher simply due to their build. As a rider, it is my job to get them rounder and put together so they can work through their topline. Pushing them with my inside leg to the outside rein. Allowing them to stretch down into the bridle by relaxing my fingers and tightening/putting pressure back when they stray out of that place. I was having some difficulty figuring out what Martin wanted and how he wanted it done until he said something to the gist of "you need to decide what you want and then come up with a way to just make it happen." Once I quit fussing about what he wanted and decided what I wanted, everything suddenly started working so much better. I wasnt concerned so much if he thought they needed to be corrected and was able to react quicker when I thought they needed to be corrected. Which, at the end of the day, is roughly the same time since we had a common goal. Making it my goal, however, made the whole action/reaction process so much faster though. When I decided what exactly I wanted I was better able to develop a method of dealing with unwanted behaviors and therefor returning the horses back to where I wanted. Which is where Martin wanted them. Came up with a goal, developed a method, made sure to deal with every infraction and got a result. Right back at the method/disipline lecture a few weeks back.
Came home and employed the same thought process with Nixon. Had more success working him than I usually do so something must have been working like it did this morning with Luli and Nacar. Set a goal, came up with a pattern and ended with a good result. After was Virtuoso and it was the same with him. I have a harder time coming up with a goal on Virtuoso though because for the most part, he does exactly what you want. Maybe one downward transition was abrupt. You school it a few times and its better. I dont feel I know enough to really push him. All the things I normally hone in/pick up on/can school he just does. And does very well. Definitely want to get on him as much as possible to learn how to school him though.
After lunch we did a group flat lesson. I was on Picaro and we just worked on ring figures with some cavaletti thown in. Definitely good for me because I feel like the terms used to describe certain figures vary. To me, there are two ways to do a half turn. A half turn in reverse or a half turn and reverse. Two different things. As a result if someone just says half turn, I dont really know what they want. After some confusion, I have realized that here, we only school half turn and reverse. On the flip side, a transversal change of direction means next to nothing to me. After the lesson was over I had a much better idea of what was what and how it would be asked for. Not sure how Ive lasted almost six months without having a super distinct idea of the different ring figures but I have. Go figure.
All in all a good day though. Headed to the Aleman tomorrow for a show so another early morning and long day ahead!

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