Wednesday, November 7, 2012

November 7th - 8:47pm

It is just a tiny bit hot outside as of late! Reached the 90s today. But besides the heat it was a good day. Was on Mauro, Luli, Nixon, Picaro, Uxmal and Nacar. Some were just warming up for Martin, some were flat lessons and some were just hacking. More working on staying in the middle and getting to horse working properly under me. For every time I get it right I feel like their are five Ive got something totally wrong. Working on lowering that five to just flat out having nothing wrong. Thatd definitely be a great ride. I know Im improving because origionally Id almost never be right. Now Ive got it sometimes. Just have to work om increasing the frequency of how often Im right!
On a different and sadder note, today was my last ride on Luli. She's leaving Friday. Definitely a very sad moment as I realized that. I love riding that mare and she's taught me so, so much. But thats a sale barn. Just like Buck, Lion, Twilight and the others, the trained ones go and the new crop of young ones comes in. Going to miss that mare so much. She was one of my absolute favorite rides here at the farm.
The afternoon was spent finishing up clipping Virtuoso and the usual chores. We also cleaned up all of Martin's fillies for a photo shoot for the website. They were all rockstars about standing for the photos. Some took a little more explaining than others to get them to stand how we wanted but everyone got it eventually. Hopefully some turned out nice. And fingers crossed my grubby self who was holding the leadline stayed out of most of the photos!

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