Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19th - 9:41pm

Typical Monday at the farm today. Everyone but the horses that showed Saturday went out for a nice hack. Nothing terribly challenging. Just a get out, get moving, remind them about transitions ride for each of them. I was on Picaro, Puccini, Holandesa, Pastrocito, Boss and Cor lit. I feel like there was one more but since I cant remember who its probably just a figment of my imagination. And it was a bit of a hotter day today so everything felt like way more work than it was. Not my favorite weather but since I know its only going to get warmer trying not to think about it. Summer isnt even until December 21st!
We finished up riding before lunch though and spent the hottest part of the day inside the barn. Shortening manes, helping the guys and getting the day wrapped up. Since we did a ton of manes/noses/ears one rain day a bit ago. Now, a few weeks later, theyre all growing out at about the same time. All of a sudden almost every horse in the barn is starting to look like a mountain pony (maybe not truly like a mountain pony; theyre incredibly hairy!). Some got trimmed up for the show at Equus and the Aleman but with 35 horses, those couple feel like barely a dent! Well be doubling timing it in the afternoons to get everyone back looking spectacular!

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