Thursday, November 29, 2012

November 29th - 8:20pm

Think Im finally going to manage getting to bed at a bizarely early hour like normal. Could tell today that the later nights earlier this week have been taking their toll during the day. But despite that, it was a good day here. Warmed up Geologo for Martin first off in the morning. Then had a brief jump school on Picaro. I go back and forth on whether I like riding that horse or not (just not a type I typically enjoy) but I have to say I loved jumping him. Picaro is a 1.30m horse and I could definitely feel it. So much fun and a great feel in the air. Just did a cross rail to a three stride with a vertical (eventually oxer) out. Simple but very fun.
After Picaro, I got on Uxmal for a short work out since hes just coming back into work. He felt super good. Then Nixon on the flat. He was actually very good as well and got some much welcomed encouragment from Rodrigo when I was on him. Once Nixon was finished I took Quantum out for another hack and once again rode around grinning like an idiot. Today was Rodrigo's day to make fun of me though since Martin wasnt there to watch. I cant help it though, I just like him! We took a quick break for lunch then I took Nacar and Jour out. Both were quite good. Nacar managed to take a shoe off in his stall the other day so with the show Saturday and rain last week it feels like its been forever since I rode him last. Was fun to be back on him. For whatever reason he's one of my favorites to ride here. I just like his attitude, gaits and everything a lot.
Once again we had a lot of wind today but no rain. Keeping everything I have crossed it stays that way. The wind actually isnt half bad since it keeps everything cool. Just praying it doesnt drive in the rain! Im enjoying riding! Not to say I am not tired after a full day in the saddle. Definitely might end up asleep by 8:30. Which would be beyond sad but hey, its the result of a good, long day.

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