Tuesday, November 13, 2012

November 13th - 9:12pm

Day started off with a jump lesson on Holandesa. We did course work with a timed initial round and jump off to follow. The jumps on course ranged from cross rails to a meter. Quite a spread. Megg, Alice and I had rearranged the ring a bit yesterday so it could be more thoroughly drug and had set up a variety of heights for whatever schooling would occure. Didnt think we'd be jumping a full course but I made one up and we went with it. Bizare heights and all. My first round was fault free and came in at 1:25. Megg went next and had a steering issue that resulted in time and four faults. Alice went last and put down another clear round at 1:28. I was first to jump off. Ended up not understanding what direction we were suppose to be jumping one vertical so went off course. Alice won with 12 faults in her jump off. Martin let me take a second go at it and we went around without time or faults. Pretty fun lesson.
After that it was a flat school with Nacar followed by a short grid school on Uxmal, Mauro and Nixon. Just trot poles set to a gate. Everyone was good through them and in the warm up. I ended up on my butt in the dirt off Nixon in our canter warm up. Got up, retrieved him and was able to participate in the lesson without fruther incident. Twisted my knee a bit and definitely going to hurt tomorrow but Ill live.
One cool thing we did get to see today was the reproduction vet collecting from Virtuoso. It was his first time doing anything with breeding so took him a bit to figure out exactly what he needed to do but got it done and the vets got what they needed. Definitely a side of the horse business/industry I dont know much about so very interesting to be here with breeding season in full swing. The repo vets have been out at least once a week checking the mares for awhile now and I guess now it is drawing close to when they will all be bred! Always busy here at the farm!

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