Monday, November 12, 2012

November 10th - 10:35pm

So going to regret being up this late even if I was able to sleep in (somewhat) this morning. Helped Rodrigo a bit with some of the new young horses then we headed to Capricho to watch the Nations Cup class and the Speed Derby! We ended up missing the Nations Cup class due to getting turned around for a bit and got there just in time to see the awards. The US team won with Canada in second! I so wish Id gotten to see the riding but Im sure I can look the rounds up on Youtube at some point. Milano de Florin (probably spelled wrong) and his rider who competed in London were back on their home turf riding for the Argentine team which took third. Even though we had missed the Nations Cup, the Speed Derby was still a go. We were able to watch all of it. Mostly Argentine riders (including Mono!) with a few from other South American countries thrown in. The one rider from the US, Charlie Jacobs, went in fairly early in the class. He laid down one of two clean trips of the day and ended a full two seconds faster than the other rider for the win. Apparently last year he won the Speed Derby and Grand Prix as well. In each of those classes, the prize is a car so at this point, he's won 3 cars while competing in Argentina. Not a bad job. It was so much fun to see the Americans there competing with all their finery. They looked so great in their matching jackets, ear bonnets and everything. The Canadians looked quite good as well. It was also fun to see the difference in riding styles between some of the different countries and Argentina. Definitely some noticable differences. After the show we headed toward home. Stopped to grab a quick dinner then back to Rancho Pampa.
All in all a very good day. The weather was much cooler, the show was gorgeous, the horses incredible and just so many great things going on. Hoping for a good week since its Alice's last here. Cant believe my partner in crime and basically adopted sister is leaving! Going to miss her so much!

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