Monday, November 12, 2012

November 11th - 9:07pm

Its actually kind of sad that I now consider any time after 9:00 incredibly late. Rodrigo makes so much fun of me for it but its true. Definitely enjoy the sleep and need it to be functional here but it is ridiculous. Going to go home and have some major readjusting to do. And speaking of going home, as my mom's Christmas gift to me (and herself she says) Im flying home for Christmas! So excited I can barely stand it! I love this job and have truly enjoyed being here but as of late Ive been finding myself missing my mom/home more and more. Im not ready to go home for good but Im so excited to see everyone! Leaving Argentina December 18th and returning December 28th. Thinking it will be just enough time to see my family/friends and just chill for a bit. So excited! Already planning a lot of stuff Im going to do when I get back. Mostly just riding my horse and seeing people I havent in 7 months. Cant wait!
But thats still a long way off and today was actually a fairly busy day. The ring was still somewhat wet from the downpour last Friday but thankfully good enough for some light riding so we took everyone out for a 15 minute trot. I was on Puccini, Nacar, Benito, Mauro and Virtuoso. Obviously didnt get to do too much more than school bending and transitions but they were all still very good. Especially Nacar. Hes getting to be a lot of fun to ride. Love him!
The afternoon was spent doing the usual tack cleaning, horse grooming and clean up. Nothing terribly exciting. Megg and I ended up walking to Petrobras to check in with family and hang out. One more Argentine thing I didnt do much of at home. Hanging out in gas stations. But this one is actually pretty nice and the girls that work there are fun. Im sure they think were weird as anything but theyre still nice to us. Oh the joys of being foreign!

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