Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26th - 10:04pm

<p>Have to quit putting off writing blog posts on Saturday and Sunday. Hate missing days because I really do want to cataloge every part of this trip from the beginning to end but something about those weekend days gets me. Always fall behind on them! Which means I start off behind on Monday. <br>
Today was a rainy day so I was kind of hoping there wouldnt be much to say and I could just lump Sunday's polo game and Monday's rain together into one post. But no. Way too much happened today!<br>
Started out as just a normal rain day with horses being groomed, walking on the walker and getting trimmed up. Then the leather guy game. I think he works for Pessoa making saddles, bridles, martingales and the like. In his spare time he makes the same stuff and sells it. Really the only difference is one thing is stamped Pessoa and the other is just stamped his brand. My brother is in the market for a new saddle though so took the risk and basically bought him a knock off Pessoa XP saddle. Hoping he likes it but even if he doesnt, it was super comfy and I could use a new one too. My poor one at home has holes in it! Im thinking it wil be good though. Martin has his saddles from that guy (or one like him I believe) and they are actually really nice saddles. The Butet is my favorite but the others are still good.
After the saddle guy left we found out that another girl is moving in with us and would be here soon! A little bit of a hurry scurry to get a bed made up for her but got it all figured out. Hopefully the three of us have as much fun as Megg, Alice and I did! Though with Megg leaving in a week it will be down to the two of us quite quickly. Such a sad thought! But in the meantime, I hope we have fun. Her name is Camilla and she's from Brazil. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish and some English. Her english is far better than my spanish so mostly were communicating with that language. Im sure it will switch quite frequently though.
The afternoon had another curve ball thrown in it as well with clients coming. We took Holandesa, Herodes and a new trained horse San Jorge out for a trot/brief school since the rain kept them from really being ridden in the latter part of the week last week. All three were good if a little fresh at the beginning. Then it was back inside to polish them up for the clients. Nice saddle pads, tails unbraided, ear bonnets and the like.
San Jorge was the first to be tried and was a rockstar for the girl. Jumped everything like a champ. Holandesa was next and was well behaved but not quite the right fit. I didnt see them try Herodes but I believe they liked him as well as Jorge. Fingers crossed one of them gets sold! Or maybe we'll get lucky again like with Twilight and Cylene and they'll want two!
So all in all, a long day if not a tiring one. Not much riding but a lot of jumping from one thing to another getting stuff done. By the end of the afternoon the ring had almost completely dried out so hopefully well be back in the tack tomorrow for Camilla's first full day!

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