Wednesday, November 14, 2012

November 14th - 9:31pm

I guess I just like making myself suffer by staying up far later than I should. But enjoying my last few days with Alice so it is worth it. I can go back to my early night routine after she leaves. I am going to miss her so, so much!
Today was a good day at the farm though. Started off with an early morning jumping lesson on Nacar. We turned a one stride combination into a figure 8 jumping pattern that required riding staight lines and accurate turns. Not the easiest thing on a young horse with a tight pattern but he was very good as usual and I was happy with my riding. Definitely some room for improvement but overall, I was happy.
After Nacar I was on Holandesa and Cor Lit for a flat school. Once they were finished,Mono arrived to do some jump schooling with Martin. I warmed up Justinian and Benito for him to jump. Neither are horses I am on frequently but both were good and jumped well. After lunch I took Picaro out for a hack then spent the rest of the afternoon inside finishing up barn work. Fernando came to check on some horses as usual but besides that, it was a very typical and quiet day.
The weather has been fantastic for working the horses lately as well. Praying it holds and stays nice!!

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