Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4th - 9:14pm

We had a busy day yesterday with the horse show at the Aleman and then home for a final lesson. I rode Pastrocito in the lesson (gridwork) and felt it went pretty decently. No major critiques and he jumped well even as the heights went up a bit. No bigger than probably 3'-3'3" but a decent height for him. A good way to round off the day. Plus Id almost had the chance to jump Nixon in the warm up at the show which was awesome. I say almost because when Martin said to I stared blankly at him for a bit before making a move toward the jump. By the time I got around to the vertical it had been put up so had to pull up. But it was very exciting because Ive never been asked to jump a horse in the warm up at a show. Ever. Hence the blank stare for a bit. Next time Ill be waiting for it and not loose my chance acting like I dont understand. I do take it as a sign Ive gotten better though!
After a busy week, the girls and I opted to stay home a chill today. We laid out in the grass for awhile just enjoying the sun then walked down to the gas station and ice cream place. Got diet coke in a can(!!) and more amazing Argentine ice cream. A very quiet day but a good one never the less. So going to miss these girls when they head home. Alice has less than two weeks left here and Meg has a month more but it feels like were running out of time so fast! Martin was talking about new working students coming and I the brief selfish thought of "I dont want new people... I want Meg and Alice!" But everyone has stuff they have to do and other things going on. Cant just hang out in Argentina riding with me forever. And Im sure whatever new people will be great but still. Makes me a bit sad to think of my friends leaving! Going to do whatever I can to enjoy the time I have with both of them these next few weeks though! Its going to be amazing!

Photo of the show ring at the Aleman. And one from on top of the bridge we cross to get to the gas station/ice cream!

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