Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 6th - 10:05pm

Another rain day. According to Martin, the amount of rain we've been getting is far above normal. The twenty five days in August was truly crazy but even the amount that has fallen lately is abnormal. And more rain is expected tonight and tomorrow. Fun, fun. I adore riding outside but having a covered or something would be so nice on these days.
So the early morning was spent putting horses on the walker, grooming and general work. Nothing terribly exciting. Meg, Rodrigo and I cleaned up Cylene, Cor Lit, Virtuoso and Twilight to take to Club Hipico to show a client. Dont know whether they enjoyed the attention or not but they ended up looking pretty spiffy. At noon Meg and I left with Martin to head into town. We dropped Meg off on the side of the road with directions to the boot store before going to the Hipico. Meg's been wanting to get a new pair of tall boots here since they are so cheap compared to the US. Fully custom tall boots for a couple hundred dollars. Today ended up being the day so she had her own little side adventure. I have been wanting to get some as well and after hearing her talk about all the options, I absolutely am getting a pair before I leave.
So the afternoon was spent showing horses to clients and from the sound of it, it was a success. Fingers crossed some horses get sold soon! The next batch of young ones is already moved in so the old ones have to go. The movement in a sale barn is never ending. It is somewhat difficult for me to get use to but slowly getting with the program. Im use to barns where people have their horses and maybe a couple are for sale here and there. At a sale barn, everything has a price tag and is actively being offered. The thought of some of my favorites leaving is somewhat sad but at the end of the day the excitement of the nect batch outweighs it. Im also really looking forward to seeing who sells and where they go. One of the Classic horses from last year is currently living a couple hours from me which is quite funny to me. Ive come all this distance to ride these horses and some will potentially be headed right near where I live.
Keeping my fingers crossed that one from today sells and that many more this spring sell as well!

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