Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 4th - 6:38am

Somehow I managed to totally miss mentioning that yesterday marked 5 months here at Rancho Pampa. Was definitely a bit of a bitter sweet realization. I adore being here, love the horses, enjoy the people and am thrilled I have the opportunity to stay. The experiences are absolutely unparalled. But as always when we have several quite days in a row, I get to thinking about home. As a result, spent yesterday a tiny bit homesick. Talked to some friends later last night which made me feel both better and worse. Was great to hear their voices but also made me wish I was there with them heading out to dance or waiting for pizza to arrive. Im 100% sure about my decision to stay working and riding here but being away from absolutely everything I know can be tough sometimes. Fingers crossed today is a better day in regards to both the weather, riding and emotions!

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