Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29th - 9:07pm

So while the east coast of the US is being hit by Hurricane Sandy, the Rancho Pampa area of Argentina is being hit with even more rain. So. Frustrating. Im not sure Ive ever seen this much rain in my life. Plus the wind/rain combo knocked out the internet so cant find out how my family weathered the storm. I know it was headed north of my area but with hurricanes, I worry anyway.
So today was a no riding, no internet day. Horses went on and off the walker, got groomed and trimmed up. The clippers we had been using to do ears and noses went dull so it was on to scissors. Or rather the sheep shearers. Think I probably did or helped do about 15 sets of noses and ears with the shears. It was a new way if doing it fir me but some points I felt it was with less bother than with the clippers. With throw it into my toll box of things Im capable of but definitely miss my clippers at home. One if the many things I will not ever take for granted again. But even with the lack of clippers, the majority of the horses have been trimmed up which just leaves a few for tomorrow afternoon. Or maybe tomorrow morning if the rain keeps up. Praying it wont.
After work, Meg, Alice and I hung out in the kitchen eating dinner and watching the movie Interception. I thought was a good movie. Definitely one Ill need to watch again to really get it but decent never the less. Its been so long since Ive watched anything but Criminal Minds and NCIS that it was fun to watch a movie. Plus even after spending all day together, its fun just chilling with the other girls doing stuff. Going to miss them both like crazy.
Hoping for a better night of sleep than yesterday and a rain free one as well!

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