Wednesday, October 31, 2012

October 31st - 8:39pm

Didnt get around to a blog post yesterday which isnt too big of a deal considering it was just another no riding day. The rain left the ring absolutely soaked so despite a bit of sunshine, there was no ring riding to be had. Meg, Martin and Alice packed up six and headed to San Martin to school. I stayed back at home to put horses on the walker and clip Boss. Not quite the most exciting day ever. But the sun came out which allowed the ring to dry so we were able to ride today.
The morning was just walking everyone for 20 minutes under saddle. I was on Luli, Mauro, Nacar (until Martin switched and I was on Justinian), Uxmal and one more I believe. Just cannot remember who! We walked and worked on flexing, halting, backing, lengethening, shortening and the like. Martin also got on us for position issues as well so it was a productive morning despite just walking.
Through the morning the ring dried up a ton and by the afternoon it was almost totally dry. Since the morning had been super light in the work department we ended up getting on a few and trotting them around for 15 minutes. Same work as before but with trot work thrown in. I was on Mauro, Nacar and Virtuoso. All three were super good. Especially since I managed to fall off the mounting block (stepped on the edge on accident and it fell over) and killed my knee prior to Nacar. It had been feeling so great lately with riding and walking. Definitely dissapointed to be back gimping a bit but hopefully it will keep getting better. And Ill definitely be way more cautious about where my feet are on the mounting block!

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