Sunday, October 21, 2012

October 21st - 9:08pm

<p>We caught a ride into town to Puerto Maderno with Martin around noon today. On the way there he remembered that there was a very neat street fair type thing going on near the port so we ended up there first checking things out. We each bought a thing or two from the various vendors. Even after seeing so many of these type street fairs, I still love them. So much to look at with so many beautiful things. Plus the people are always interesting. The vendors themselves often speak a bizare mix of english and spanish which is fun to try to decipher. The other people shopping tend to be from everywhere as well so the mix of languages is even more interesting. Today we heard tons of spanish, english, german and one language I could identify. Sometimes in our own little haven at the farm I forget I really am in one of the largest cities in South America. Days like today remind me exactly where I am. The street fair ended at Plaxa de Mayo where the presidential palace and national bank are. This was my first time seeing the buildings in the day light and theye just as pretty as they were at night. The arcitecture is incredible with a great mix of old european style buildings and newer more modern types. <br>
After the street fair we went down to the port and walked along the water. That area use to just be warehouses and whatnot but it has now been rebuilt with resturants and some shopping. They had some old war ships in the water that would have been fun to learn the history on but sadly enough all the information was in spanish. Im always game to try to decipher what things say but detailed historical accounts of a ship are just out of my league at the moment. Once we got to the end of Puerto Maderno we turned and walked up Cordoba toward 9 de Julio a bit until we hit the pedestrian walkway (named Flordia actually). It had a fun mix of side street trinket shops and designer stores. Most were closed since it was Sunday afternoon but still fun to look. At the end of Flordia we hit another Plaza that Alice and I had actually been to before the night we went to Martins moms gallery. We saw the beautiful tree in the center of the plaza in the light. At the plaza we got onto Santa Fe which we walked down to 9 de Julio. Then kept walking till we hit the green Subway line that would take us to Plaza Italia. Stopped for a quick later lunch then kept on to the bus stop. As my luck would have it, it started pouring right as we went to wait for the bus. And since it had been hot and sunny earlier, we had nothing with us. Some nice stranger loaned us his jacket which we huddled under till the bus showed up. Then an hour long ride home and another walk in the rain to our actual home. Not gonna lie, the last bit of the day was pretty miserable with cold and wetness but as always getting out and in town is fun. Especially with the other girls. Now fingers crossed the rain stops so we can actually ride this week!

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