Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October 23rd - 5:15pm

Getting to write my blog post a little earlier in the day than usual since Im keeping an eye on the freezer repair guy in Martins house. His eleven year old daughter is here with him who has studied english and he's for her practicing what she knows with me. Its actually quite fun to hear her dad prompt her to ask questions and then watch her work out how to say them in english. Where Im from, what Im doing here and the like. Im proud to say I understand both her dad asking in spanish and her in english. I get the impression Im a bit of a novelty for the daughter as someone from the US. Or maybe she keeps staring cause I have paint all over my face again. Hope its the first.
Besides this adventure with the repair guy its been a pretty average day. It rained even harder last night than it did the night before so we're still rained out. All morning it was horses on the walker, grooming and the like. At 11:30 or so Meg, Martin and I headed out with Justinian, Virtuoso and Twilight to hack/school at San Martin. Rachel got home from the US today and Martin had to pick her up which is why we got out late. I must say I have missed having Rachel around. I dont interact with her a ton on a daily basis but its still nice to chat with her every so often when she's feeding the dogs or watching a horse work. But she's back now. And all the horses we took to San Martin were good. Twilight and Cylene are headed to the Hipico tomorrow to live so we've got an early morning there. Also bringing some to hack though not sure who yet. Likely Justinian since he's doing the final series show on Thursday. Hard to believe the series is coming to an end! My first day here back in my was either the first or second show of ten in the series. And now its coming to an end with the finals quickly approaching. All the horses have come so far in the last six months with their training. Going to be so strange as the horses Ive spent the last months with start to leave as they are purchased. October, November, December are the busy months here in Argentina for sales. Over the course of those months many of the horses here will leave and many new young ones will enter into training. Already we have 13 new ones with more to come. By April 28th, when I leave, Im sure most of the horses in the barn will be new faces. Absolutely crazy to thing about!

At least this afternoon the sun is shining and the ring is looking dryer. Maybe some riding will be possible after the Hipico tomorrow. All the rain has brought the flowers out.

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