Monday, October 1, 2012

October 1st - 8:17pm

Finally back in the saddle! Realized last night that I couldnt stand the thought of spending one more day with two feet on the ground. Riding is one of the few things I do even partly well and going without it for even a little bit of time is not fun. Wasn't quite sure what I was going to be able to do but at least wanted to give it a go. Put my stirrups down a few holes and climbed on one of the quieter horses first. Ride one was a little all over the place as I got my bearings back and refigured out my balance but after that I like to think I did at least halfway decent! Ended up on Cylene, Mauro, Justinian, Holendesa, Twilight and Virtuoso in the morning. Everyone but Virtuoso was 15 min of w/t work then longing so not too much hard riding. Herodes in the afternoon was a full ride and then Picaro was just a short hack. Everyone was quite good and pretty tolerant of my somewhat one sided posting/riding. Knee is definitely a lot better than it was last week but is still shy of 100%.
Herodes ended up being the hardest ride of the day since that was the one horses I cantered. He was quite well behaved but the cantering in and of itself was difficult. I always thought posting the trot would be the hardest on your knees. That ended up being pretty straightforward to figure out. Cantering, however, took a lot more. It takes a lot more of your leg to put together/hold a horse in the canter than just just bobbling around at the posting trot. Guess you learn something new everyday. Something to think about/run past Martin as the week goes on. Even with everything else to think about/going on it was still very fun to get on Herodes. Hes not my type of horse but I appreciate a good older horse now far more than I use too. Plus I rarely ride him now days so it was a treat of sorts to get on.
Tomorrow has potential to hold rain so not sure what the plan is going to be. Maybe more riding or maybe helping Rodrigo with the young horses. I totally owe the other girls two days of helping Rodrigo that I fully intend to make up. So with that in mind Ill probably be out of the saddle for a day or two just as quickly as I was able to get back into it. But at least I know I can get on and go now!

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