Saturday, October 20, 2012

October 20th - 8:33pm

Another day of rain. Never seen so much rain in my life as I have in this country. But thankfully it didnt rain hard or for long (well start and stop all morning) so we were still able to ride. First up was Virtuoso with a much more productive ride than yesterday. Managed to put most of what Martin said into practice and got the results I wanted. Martin talked more about connection and the goals of ridings. Some of what he said stuck and some didnt. Which is bad since I do need to learn everything I can. Especially what he says. Probably going to have to start studying with Alice and Megg to keep up with the flow of information. Not sure whether it'd be fun because its horses or not so fun since its studying.
But after Virtuoso I had Nixon, Puccini, Mauro, Nacar and Pastrocito. Nacar was a rockstar again with our working on bending, stretching and just general flatwork. As much as Im teaching him, however, I think he's teaching me just as much. If I loose the forward motion, everything falls apart. If I get stiff, he gets stiff right back. Its great to be on one that is that easy to get feedback on. The older ones can teach me a lot too but they also know enough to hold their own when I am incorrect. With a really young one, I get instant responses. We weren't able to do too much in the saddle beyond basic flatwork due to the footing and rain but it was still a good morning. Then a quite afternoon topped the day off.
Headed out with Rodrigo for a bit tonight then hopefully to Puerto Maderno with the girls tomorrow! Cant wait!

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