Sunday, October 28, 2012

October 28th - 10:03pm

<p>Over all a very fun day here in Argentina. Meg and I got a lift from Martin to the store earlier in the morning. Got our all important supply of cornflakes and other goodies. After we helped Martin get some of the food ready for the asado! We put a normal salad together and got a potato salad started. Both ended up being pretty good. Once again, however, Martin made/grilled some amazing meat. The asado was super fun with Martin, Meg, Alice, Rachel and one of Rachels friends who is down visiting. We havent had one here nor had a moment to really relax during a meal in awhile so it was fun. Plus the whole meal was in english for a change so I can definitively say the people AND conversations were good. Usually I just have to take a guess off the little Ive understood. <br>
After we made a quick stop for ice cream at our favorite ice cream place across the bridge. I got chocolate as usual. Everything is better when its got chocolate. Then onto the Grand Prix at San Diego. I cant even begin to describe how beautiful the country club was. Gigantic houses on pristine grounds. Perfectly manicured polo fields all around. Just incredible. I tried to take some pictures but they didnt do it any justice. We got to the show in enough time to watch the jump off of the mini prix (at 1.30 I believe) before watching the entire 1.45 Grand Prix. It was a twisty course on a grass field that had rails coming down everywhere. Out of 35, I believe 7 made it to the jump off of which 2 went clear. Sadly enough my favorite rider had a rail down in the first round. But the riding was, for the most part, great. The horses were jumping well and the atmosphere was fantastic. Plus it was fun to see all the trainers, riders and random people Ive come to know in Argentina.
Came home after to a quiet night at the farm talking with friends from home over skype. As frustrating as that program is to use on our internet, Im so glad it was invented! Love being able to connect with home so easily. Still miss home but days like today make me glad that Im here and pushing myself to be a better rider. And now that Ive let it get sufficiently late (far too late really) Im headed to bed. Going to be another long hot week! And sadly enough one of Alice's last full weeks at Rancho Pampa! She heads home November 16th! Going to make sure I do everything I can to make sure these last couple weeks with her at the best ever since weve become so, so close. Already know I will miss her like crazy!

Photos from the show. Loved the flaxen colored chestnut. And the drag with the stump. That stup probably fell off 10 times while he was going around

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