Monday, October 15, 2012

October 14th - 10:17pm

After yesterday's adventure on the waterfront and all around content-ness with life, I thought it would be a hard day to top. But today did.
We found out yesterday that the finals for a polo tournament would be in town near the Aleman Sunday morning. Origional plan was to take the bus into town (still an adventure in and of itself), then walk or catch a cab to the fields. Last minute, however, we asked Rodrigo if he wanted to come along too. In the end he just offered to pick us up and take us to the game which a) is more fun and b) makes our life about five times easier. So he picked us up this morning and then we swung by Javi's to get him before heading to town. We ended up right on time for the first game which was awesome to watch. The teams were 23 and 24 goal teams so the play was fast and furious. One team had two players that were two goals and two that were ten goals. The two ten goal players were incredible to see. The game ended up being really close though because the two goal players kept fouling the other team and allowing them to gain points through penalty shots. In the end, though, the 24 goal team won. The next game was another 23 goal team vs 24 goal team. One team was La Canada and since we were with Megg (who is from Canada) we cheered for them. Another tight game but in the end La Canada took the win. Both the gamws were incredible to watch with the break aways being one of my favorite parts. The riders could go all out down the field and still hit a tiny little ball accurately several times in a row to score. The riders trying to push each other off the line of the ball were also quite interesting to see. Those horses would be at a gallop shoving into each other. And even after the running/shoving/craziness, if the ball was lost, they could still stop and turn on a dime to go back after it no problem. The crazed horse changes were fun to watch too. All the riders quickly changed horses between each chukker and some changed during the chukkers as well which had to be even quicker. Lots of jumping from one horse to the other without ever setting foot on the ground. The guys and horses were just amazing displayed of athleticism.
After the games we drove to Tigre which is a little touristy type town on the delta of the river. It was kind of strange to be in a tourist area and being treated like one after so long in this country but obviously six months wont change the fact I look American so whatever. It was still quite fun to walk down the different ports where people had all sorts of stands set up with trinkets to buy. We ended up right on the river watching the boats and water for a bit. Again got a brief bit of homesickness just watching all the boats going up and down the creek. Which I guess wouldnt be called a creek here but it looked a bit like some of the creeks at home so calling it that. Just have to remind myself as comfortable as it would be to be home, Id never get to live through these different expierences if I was at home. The language, people and everything. And today was definitely a great day of great expierences with great people. Cant wait to see what else this country holds for me!

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