Saturday, October 13, 2012

October 11th - 7:27pm

<p>Felt like one of the longest days ever here. Alice and I have somehow managed to get ourselves sick with colds. Makes every little thing you do that much harder and at least for me, sleep just isnt happening. Add in being sore from falling (yesterday and two weeks ago) and it was a perfect concoction for a less than stellar day. Just before 7:30 when we were suppose to be wrapping up breakfast and heading to the barn both of us realized we'd be quite happy going back to bed. Not a usual emotion for me. Even after five months I still get excited about starting the day. Today, though, my bed looked super nice. Drug myself out there anyway and on to horse #1.
Ended up longing Puccini then on Virtuoso, Twilight, Mauro, Luli, Nacar and Herodes. Worked on the same half circle exercise as yesterday with Virtuoso and practiced the same up/down/bending work with Mauro. Luli and Twilight were quite good as well. The last two, Nacar and Herodes, ended up being jump lessons which were very fun. It was my first time jumping in about three weeks and Ive missed it. Definitely much more fun than flatwork (very important but not all that exciting). All the flatwork has paid off though. Both horses listened to what I asked of them (even when what I asked wasnt right) and it felt like they jumped well. Mostly what I have to work on is supporting every step and keeping it balanced and adjustable. Maybe not doing anything but at least making sure I continue to have the option. Plus riding to a short distance better. When I see its going to be short I tend to take my leg off a bit to try to shorten that way instead of picking up my hands and actually shortening. Not sure why I think less leg is at all helpful but apparently I do. Things to keep in mind.
All things considering Im moderately happy with my riding today. Could have been better but thats not news. But considering how I felt, did pretty ok. Midway through the day with plenty of advil I was feeling somewhat decent but by the afternoon, not a chance. As a result, Im headed to bed very early. Just want to sleep tonight!! Early morning tomorrow to try to get everyone worked before lunch. Plus Mono coming. Definitely going to be a big day. Hoping I feel a lot better in the morning though!

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