Friday, October 26, 2012

October 26th - 9:36pm

Spent almost an hour tonight talking with my stepdad over Skype. Been feeling kinda iffy lately with missing home. Especially with Alice leaving in 20 days and Meg heading out soon after. Six months is a long time to be away from home when youve never traveled before. Prior to this trip Id always lived with my parents or under a 45 min drive. Friends and family where never far away. Here, it is quite different. I know I am learning a ton and that it is so good for me to be here. But somedays, I just want to see my family, sleep in my bed, pet my dog and ride the horse Ive had for almost 8 years. I think Id be better off if I had a more established life here but I am just here on a temporary basis. First three months and now a year. Long enough to miss home but hard to establish yourself with a time consuming job and the lack of a common language. Definitely need to work on that, however, to make my remaining time enjoyable. Right now Im just enjoying having the girls here, staying in touch with my family and pushing myself to be positive and happy about everything. Always been a big believer that perspective is huge. Just have to keep telling myself everything is great. Even when its not.
Today was pretty good though. Rode Luli, Holandesa, Nacar, Jour and Picaro. Schooled cavaletti on Luli and Jour. Despite a less than perfect ride, I was still quite happy with Luli. As Ive said before I use to not be able to trot her decently. Now Im able to do basic work over cavaletti/fences with her. Shes still not easy for me yet but Im learning and proud of that. Shes one of my favorite horses here so I really want to learn to ride her well. After her, I did some over fences work with Nacar. Hard to believe he's the same horse I use to struggle to steer. Now he jumps around courses like a grown up horse. The afternoon was the same as usual. Getting little jobs done, helping the guys and getting the barn finished up.
Tomorrows the last day of riding this week and not going to lie, Im looking forward to sleeping in a bit on Sunday. Hoping for some good rides tomorrow to finish the week off!

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