Wednesday, October 17, 2012

October 17th - 9:00pm

Its gotten to the point that the clock roles around to 9:00 and Im instantly like "oh Im up too late! Must get to bed!". Typical 19yr old right there. For sure.
Today was spent out of the saddle since our ring is still way flooded. So it was a somewhat slow day with grooming/painting/ect. And since there really wasnt much to do that was mentally hard, there was a lot of time to work over ideas. Rachel posted a link to an article on facebook the other day that got me thinking.
Not just as things to say before you die but as words to live with and by. A huge part of this job is breaking down a big picture idea into its smaller pieces and components then teaching those little pieces to the young horses. Starting with going, steering snd woahing. Eventually jumping, self carriage, lead changes and the like. Eventually those pieces build up until you have a more or less finished result. Horses always take some tweaking to keep them going but if the goal is 1.30 jumper and you get the green horse built up to 1.30 then the goal is basically achieved. I guess doing that work and thinking like that day in and day out has me thinking about life in general like that. There is the big picture success that just about everyone wants. But what about the little pieces that go into that success and make life worth living? Getting that first jump, lead change, course or show completed. One step closer to the final goal but if you dont find some sort of contentment in the little successes/achievements then its going to be a long, difficult journey to the end result.
That article hit a lot of things that are important to make life fufilling. Which in a lot of ways is probably better than straight up successful. A lot of that likely depends on the definition if successful though. I know I at least would take fufilling over sucessful. And simple stuff makes it possible. Taking the time to wonder. Working on a more positive perspective. Little things. Maybe this makes absolutely no sense what so ever (and honestly Im not even sure it makes total sense to me) but I liked the article and wanted to post something about it. Plus the rain is keeping us out of the saddle and that always leaves too much time for random thought!

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