Friday, October 5, 2012

October 5th - 9:20pm

Today was so much like yesterday it is almost laughable. Helped Rodrigo with the young ones all morning. The colts first followed by the fillies. Finally getting to the point where working with them in their routine is becoming second nature. They are quickly learning their jobs and I am learning mine right along side them. The last couple days most of the young ones have started working over some ground poles. Some take to it quicker than others but everyone has about gotten it by now. Today, though, a few of the colts went over actual jumps for the first time. All of them were quite good about it despite their newness. One colt in particular really stood out with an incredible jump. Square in front with a hind to die for. Cannot wait to see that one continue his work over fences. If he keeps going like that, he'll be an incredible jumper.
The latter part of the morning and the entire afternoon was spent riding. Doing a lot better with my knee but still not 100%. The posting trot and sitting canter are suprisingly ok but moving my lower leg to control the shoulder or hinds isnt comfortable. Same with a half seat or two point. I was almost able to jump Nacar in a mini lesson but after the first little cross rail I knew it just wasnt happening. Definitely getting a little dissapointing. All I want to do is riderideride and keep pushing myself to be better. But my body is saying it's not ready yet. Have to listen to and respect that but its tough. Ive never been the most patient person. All 5 (or was it 6?) that I was on were good though. With the potential for more rain tomorrow we finished off most of them as if today was Saturday. Now just to hold on and see what happens with the weather!

And a better picture of Pampa!

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