Monday, March 11, 2013

March 8th - 10:03pm

Spent Tuesday in the house with pretty limited mobility. Wednesday and Thursday propped up painting jump standards. Have a knee brace with metal inserts that allow me to get around pretty decently which is nice. Can't stay upright for long though. Would kill to be on a horse but I'm off for awhile longer.
Mono came on Wednesday and apparently all of the horses jumped well with him. Kir Royal, Invasor, Picaro, Virtuoso, Geologo. I missed jumping Puccini and Picaro but know Martin can do a far better job than me. The auction horses were filmed that afternoon as well. Thursday was an easy flatwork with turn out day. Today the auction horses just went to the walker while Martin took the crew he jumped with Mono to Equus.Apparently Picaro was pretty happy for his first outing out in awhile but put out good work. The others did great as well. Sad I missed it but that's life.
The open house is tomorrow and I will not be riding in it. Hoping it goes well and I can help out in some way. Pretty heartbroken about it but nothing to be done. Just going to hope for the best news possible from the doc on Monday. We'll take the MRI results and see him to get the final on what is wrong. I'm praying for an easy "quit being a baby, you're fine, go ride." Not ready to give this up yet. Not ready to give any of it up. Hardest week at the farm by far this past year. Fingers crossed. 

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